Team building and new perspectives

A different experience at Tanga International Competence Centre

TICC is a social business where all profits go directly to supporting the weakest in the local communities of Tanga, Tanzania. You and your team are welcome to visit the centre for a unique team building experience that additionally supports our work.

Sunset with clear skies, with palms and lush green vegetation, and one of the buildings visible among it

We offer comfortable facilities for your business to work and socialize together. We also invite you to help the local community together with us in the field. A powerful experience that will never be forgotten.


Beautiful bungalows with 25 beds


Additional beds of good standard


Guests can be served in total

A bed freshly made up, with a towel rolled up ontop, and the sun shining through a window behind it A conference hall rooming many seats, some tables, and a podium
The roof terrace of one of the bungalows with a great view of the surrounding vegetation, featuring chairs, a sofa, a desk, and an outdoor bed with mosquito net
Enjoy a drink in the warm African nights on the roof terrace of our bungalows


The Swahili word for “welcome”. And Karibu sana means “You’re very welcome”.

Our facilities

TICC offers modern working facilities surrounded by the serene African nature. Our closed off center with all commodities invites to a relaxing and comfortable stay with plenty of shaded space, swimming possibilities, a volleyball court, a beach bar and a restaurant with delicious food.

We can accommodate 20 visitors in our most beautiful bungalow homes. Most of the bungalows offers a spectacular view from the roof terrasse as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. In addition we can accommodate 100 visitors in twin bedrooms with more normal sleeping conditions.

Contact us for questions Two bungalows at night, with dim lights at their entrances

Field work

As part of the stay visitors get the chance to participate in our programs in the field. We work with children in school, new mothers, elderly, youth and mental patients. Every program offers a different experience and new perspectives.

Working closely with people in their communities is guaranteed to have an impact on you and your team.

Our social programs
Visitor speaking with a woman working in one of the schools TICC helps Cameraman among curious children
Portrait of Kassam in chef outfit

Food at TICC

A good meal is the base for a good day’s work and learning. Therefore, our kitchen puts a lot of effort into making great food for students, employees and guests. We serve three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we always offer a vegetarian alternative.

I dedicate a lot of time to research recipes from different places in the world

Kassam, chef at TICC

The kitchen is supervised by Kassam who has been with us for more than 10 years. He has spent some time in Norway to learn about the Norwegian cuisine and serves a mix of local and norwegian dishes. Our restaurant has been mentioned as the number one place for food in Tanga.

Traveling to TICC

Tanzania has two international airports, Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. Many international airlines also use The International Airport at Zanzibar.

From Dar es Salaam there are domestic flights to Tanga with either Auric or Coastal. There’s also local buses to Tanga that are cheaper but take longer time. Some call it an experience. We recommend Raha Leo and Ratco as safe bus companies.

Together with our partners we gladly help you organize the entire trip.

Travelling information

Authentic Africa

Tanzania is a very popular destination that offer an authentic African experience. With oceans, jungles, Lake Victoria, Mount Kilimanjaro and the famous Savannah's of Serengeti we invite you to take a boat trip, hike or safari to see some of the most exotic animals and sites in Africa.

Giraff basking in the sun while standing in tall grass and bushes

All profits go to the community

All our profits go directly to helping the weakest in our community. For every beer our visitors drink we can help more people. For every night our visitors spend at our center we can help more people. For every party we arrange we can help more people.

Contact us to plan your experience

Send email to Ruth Nesje One of the bungalows at TICC, with palms and trees around