Gilead assisting a child student

Education Support

Sponsoring children who can’t afford education

Financial trouble is among the most common reasons for dropping out of school. The yearly costs for a child in a public primary or secondary school is around 50-70$, and it's too much for some parents. Other families in the rural and poorest areas need their children's help for income generating activities like farming and fishing. Some parents do not see the importance of an education and looks for other possibilities.


Between age 15-24 cannot write of read


Age 7-17 out of school


Yearly costs at a public primary school

Three smiling children next to a small tree
Portrait of Belitha
Belitha Damalo (27) joined our Program while in secondary school. Now she’s a Montessori Teacher working at TICC.

An opportunity to get an education

The Educational Sponsor program started as a private initiative in the 1990's by Ruth and Odd and their friends. At that time Ruth worked as a Regional AIDS Coordinator in Tanga Region and early saw the needs for educational support for the many orphans she met in her daily work. There are hundreds of children and Youth who have fulfilled their education and reached their Dreams during these years. When TICC started to operate in 2008, this Program became an important part of the Social programs.

The cost of a University Bachelor degree of 3 years, costs approximately NOK 15.000 - 20.000 per year, if we have to cover all expenses: boarding, food, university fee, travel and books. So it is easy to understand that this is an impossible amount for most of the families. Some orphans can get Educational Loan from the Government, and that helps.

Meet Gilead

Together we are creating lasting change in Tanga. Our local heroes work tirelessly every day with the community to educate, ease suffering and complete projects that together have a huge impact on the lives of the poorest in Tanzania.

Portrait of Gilead

The educational sponsorship program allows students to pursue their dreams, whereas many are orphans and in need of extra support, while others come from difficult home conditions. Some of our students have pursued studies in the fields of: education, law, social development, youth development, tourism, culture & anthropology and medicine among others. At TICC we believe that education is empowerment and the key to help these youth achieve their dreams. Many that have received sponsorship through this program in their early lives are now valuable employees at TICC or HAMA.

Child smiling while standing in front of a classroom window with other children waving through it