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Children's Health

Basic health coverage from birth, through school

Tanzania has a very good health and vaccination system for children under 5 years, but from 5 years and onwards there is a lack of basic health coverage. That is why we support the government with school health check-ups for children in primary schools in Tanga. Children from 7-15years.

Many of the health problems we find during our check-ups are preventable and easily treatable illnesses like: wounds, scabies, fungus, bad teeth, poor eyesight, ear infections and worms among others. We also come across children with very difficult living conditions and severe illnesses.


Children under the age 5 years die daily of treatable diseases


Of children under 5 suffers from chronic malnutrition


Births happens at home

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School Health

The School Health program was first created by TICC in response to a growing need of basic health care in local primary schools. In 2011 the program officially started and aimed at improving the general health status of kindergarten and primary school children in the primary schools surrounding TICC, by providing health check-ups at the schools.

The check-ups don’t always stop at the school. If a child is found with a severe problem, the check-up may be followed up by a home visit to the family or another visit at the school.

Occasionally a mobile clinic is set up where villagers can receive free basic medical treatment and advice.

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Meet Jane

Together we are creating lasting change in Tanga. Our local heroes work tirelessly every day with the community to educate, ease suffering and complete projects that together have a huge impact on the lives of the poorest in Tanzania.

Portrait of Jane
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Pregnant mothers and children under 5

In the program of pregnant women we work to prevent and minimize child morbidity and child mortality. During their pregnancy the pregnant women are followed up at a local health clinic where measures as height, weight and blood pressure etc. are examined. In Tanzania it is also important to screen pregnant women for STDs and start immediate treatment to prevent transmitting the decease to the baby. The women also learn how they can prepare themselves for giving birth and how to start breastfeeding.

The newborn children stay at the post-natal clinic for 24 hours after being born and they are vaccinated against BCG and Polio. They will then come to regular check-ups at the labour ward after one week, 28 days and 42 days. After this the mother and the child will attend a health clinic once a month until the child is five yeas old.

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